Serious Disposable Body Protection


Trident’s ECO Coverall is a PP single layer disposable coverall that is made from spun bonded non woven polypropylene. This coverall is designed for light duties and keeping clean from dust and reducing contamination. Single layer PP coveralls do not protect against hazardous materials and you are advised to speak with one of our consultants if hazardous materials are present.


The Trident Micro Porous Disposable Coverall is a non-woven coverall made from soft layers of spun bonded polypropylene fabric and laminate layers for ultimate strength and spray tight suit protection. We have reinforced the stitching to provide a more secure coverall in the toughest of conditions and our latest technology allows a more comfortable and most importantly a breathable experience.

Certified to Type 5, 6, Category 3 requirements

SMS Triple Layer Protection

Trident SMS Coveralls are made from SMS fabric which is a tri-laminate material comprised of 3 layers consisting of spun bonded polypropylene, melt blown polypropylene, and spun bonded polypropylene. The spun bonded layers provide good tensile strength and elongation. The melt blown layer provides the durability and consistency of continuous micro fibres which results in amazing breathability and performance.

Certified to Type 5, 6, Category 3 requirements

Micro Porous + Taped Seams

When compromise is not an option. The Trident Micro Porous Coverall with taped seams is a laminated material over spun bonded polypropylene delivering a disposable waterproof coverall solution that provides the wearer with a breathable and comfortable body protection garment solution but also is resistant to penetration by environmental liquids, abrasion and tear.

The coveralls hypo allergenic properties add to the wearer’s comfort and its breathable fabric matrix allow for perspiration dissipation.

Certified to Type 4, 5, 6, Category 3 requirements
Trident Range
About Trident

Trident’s Disposable Body Protection range was born out of a demand in the market for a high quality, affordable, durable and most of all comfortable CE approved disposable coverall.

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Coveralls & Asbestos

Did you know that Type 5 Category 3 coveralls are stipulated by WorkCover NSW for all asbestos work.

Make sure you have the right protection with our certified Type 5 Category 3 Microporous, Microporous Taped, and SMS coveralls.

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